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My Movies with Sims 2

Foilowing movies I have made:

The downloads are on external pages like rapidshare. There they will be deleted after 30 days without downloading.

I made most of the movies for contests at the german Simforum.

From the contest Castingshow (1. place of 4)

- You - you are the star - 3 minutes - 16,3MB (external link)

This movie is simlish.

From the contest fairy-tale (1. place of 4)

- "Der Teufel mit den drei goldenen Haaren" - 6 minutes - 52 MB (external link)

This movie has a german synchronization. The title of the german fairy-tale in english: "the devil with the three gold hairs"

the contest horroromance (2. place of 5):

- Seductive shadow: 4 Minuten - 27MB (external link)

My ad-movie from the USA:

- Japanese Superhero - Hoa Chu: 30sek - 2MB (external link)

This movie was created for the sims played by campaign.

My first  "real" movie inspired by a song my boyfriend wrote:


- In brief passing: 4:20min - 30MB (external link)

Here you can listen to more of his songs.

From the contest  advertising:

- Mampf: 1:10min - 16MB (external link)

The slogan in the spot means: "Mampf - only the best for your dog."

Unfinished musicvideo by "Die Ärzte" a german band:

- Nichts in der Welt: 3-4 minutes - 7MB (external link)

Here you can watch the Originalvideo. The title means "nothing in the world"

My first short (and not good) try to make a movie:

- Love: 30sek - 1MB


  Anna Rümpler